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Love and Joy Christmas Card
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E- magazines usually intimidate me. Besides the fact that I can’t physically turn the page which is a huge aesthetic joy for me, I can’t scribble notes and dog ear pages. but this- this is a work of art! meet the ladies at Creature Comforts.

Read this amazingly thoughtful literary highlight of the season- it is jam packed full of gift ideas, Holiday sentiments, creative homemade gifts and recipes, and so many packaging ideas (my WEAKNESS!!!) that your head will spin and you will sing and dance through the rooms of your house! (maybe that was just me).

ANYWAYS, if there is one Holiday read to make time for, THIS is it! Happy reading!







a flurry of phone calls today and finally the right one. background check is done. James got the job!

is “bleh” a word?

The past few days have been full of physical and emotional struggles. Last night was filled with tummy aches, worry, pain, and confusion. And this morning, the light came and I remember how much I am loved… by my husband, my mom and dad, my siblings, by God… I have yet to learn so much about God’s love for me…

My goal for the coming weeks and months is to get my camera out again… it has been a while since it was my daily companion. I need to start capturing the little moments that make my day as best as I can. I love to share. May I share them with you, please?

And I am SO very excited to say that I received my coupon code for my free 50 holiday cards from Shutterfly. Now for the big project of getting James and I on a day that we aren’t super busy, tired, feeling “bleh”, and in a jovial enough mood to show through in a Christmas card… and we don’t even have kids yet!

We are praying for a big job for James to come through. This said job opportunity has been quite the long and strenuous process for us. Hoops to jump through, and mostly just long, dreadful waiting. We are still waiting, despite the official offer being already given. Waiting for a very thorough background check to be done. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Bleh.

Easy to do, thanks to Shutterfly! My cousin recently posted on her fabulous blog that Shutterfly is giving away 50 free holiday cards for bloggers. I have been creating and dismissing ideas for a card that is different and fun while still being well designed. Shutterfly has (seriously) hundreds of just such cards ready to personalize and order, for great prices!

I absolutely LOVE these cards! Here are some of my photo card favorites:



and this one

These calendars would be THE perfect gift… I would take one! So personal, but also so easy and relatively inexpensive:

So… BLOGGERS, get your free 50 cards for the holidays here

Thankful for…

Oh dear! I am in love with paper! At least when it comes to this ingeniously beautiful creation by the folks at Silverbox. A perfect way to share our thanks and contentment this Thanksgiving season, this elegantly scripted paper chain gives loved ones a chance to display their gratitude. There is even a template to download to make this as simple as possible. Print, create, and write down your thanks!




rainy days can be refreshing. at other times, they seem to mirror my heart… wet, sloppy, and soaken through. a mess. today was one of those days, and my husband, dear husband, decided to put a little sunshine in the day for me. life is hard sometimes, but never too hard when he is around. he is so patient, so willing and eager to make every day a wonderful day. make fun, be he really is my sunshine, on bright days, on dreary days. thank you baby.

photo credit: ashkiphotography